A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Damn this game is grim. In the post-apocalyptic world, men with multiple chins scavenge the polluted fields for sustenance.
Only to be subjected to the most horrible psychological torture; sadistic crane operators wave lavish meals in front of them but in the end keep them in eternal hunger.

You play as a one of these crane operators to guide the hungry construction worker through the dangerous terrain. The worker will blindly follow the delicious scent of redberry pie and will float faster when he gets closer. If he gets too close try grabbing a speed boost to increase the distance. To increase your score dodge traps and collect stars. Letting the worker eat the pie means your fun is over.

Install instructions

Unrar and play


GluttonousLove.rar 17 MB
GluttonousLoveMac.app.rar 16 MB
BrackeysGameJamLinux.rar 17 MB

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